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This course is the scientific study of society.  Detailed consideration is given to culture, social control, deviation, social groups, social instruction, social stratification, ethnic minorities, demography, the community, social change and collective behavior.  Three credit hours.


This course is the study of social work as a professional endeavor.  Students will explore the scope of social welfare in connection with social change, social control and the relationship between services and clients.  Three credit hours.


Sample Syllabi

Intro to Sociology - SOC 101
Syllabus Grid / Schedule
Point Tracker

Social Work - SOC 200
Syllabus Grid / Schedule
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   Sample Assignment Information

Sociology 101

Assignment #1
Assignment #2
Assignment #3
Sample on How to Do Assignment #3
Formatting Your Paper Directions

Social Work 

Homework Assignment
Final Paper
Formatting Your Paper Directions



Sociology Handouts

Comparison of Theories
Comparison of Deviance
Odd State Laws
Key Concepts

Socialization at Work




Extra Credit

Sociology Extra Credit

You can earn up to 20 extra credit points.  You may choose TWO (only two) of the following, each worth up to 10 points.  Of note, students MUST stay for the entire on campus event in order to receive extra credit points.  A sign in sheet will be made available at the end of the program.    

28 Days
Halloween H20
Never Been Kissed
Television Show
On Campus Event

Social Work Extra Credit 
On Campus Event


  Sociology - The Closer / Major Crimes

TNT has given me special permission to use the TV series, The Closer, in this class.  Often students ask for additional information about this show.  The original show is currently in reruns (i.e., several episodes a week).  Although the series star left, the show continues with the same cast under a new name, Major Crimes.  Major Crimes airs on TNT (channel 32) on Monday evenings at 9 pm.