Eric Feustel
Adjunct Professor

Business, Computing, and Technology Division

Harford Community College

Current Courses


   Business Law: BA 205

   Legal Environment of Business: BA 426


OFFICE: None                                 

OFFICE HOURS: Immediately following class or by  appointment       



TEXTUAL MATERIALS:   Roger Miller and Frank Cross, Business Law, Alternate Edition (12th ed., 2013), South-Western Centage Learning 


BUSINESS LAW CATALOG DESCRIPTION: This course focuses on a study of the Uniform Commercial Code as it applies to negotiable instruments and secured transactions. The course emphasizes agency, business organizations, and employment law. It examines creditors’ rights, bankruptcy, property law (real and personal), and estates. Three lecture hours per week.


LEGAL ENVIRONMENT OF BUSINESS CATALOG DESCRIPTION: The student is introduced to the legal environment in which business operates.  The course covers sources of law and the application of law to business.  Areas examined include business crimes, contracts (under common law and the Uniform Commercial Code), sales, torts (including product liability), administrative, antitrust, environmental, and consumer protection laws.  Three lecture hours per week.




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