BIO 203 Links
Below are some links which provide additional information on topics in A&P I.

General Anatomy & Physiology Information

Anatomy Games – fun interactive quiz site with games, crossword puzzles etc.

Get Body Smart


Anatomy Links Listed by Topic

Medical Term Pronunciation

Interactive Tutorials and Mechanisms of Disease



Online Histology Slides


The Cell and Metabolism

The Cell Overview

Diagram of Glycolysis


Karyotype Animation

"The Cell Video"

"The Cell Video" - with Narrative

Glucose Song


Skeletal System

Bones Website – good site for studying bones

Bones Website – another great site for bones (recommended by student)

Bones - great link

Virtual Human - Skeleton

Interactive Skull - excellent study tool


Muscular System

Muscle Help

More Muscle Info

Sarcomere Shortening Animation

Animation/Tutorial of Muscle Contraction

Function of Neuromuscular Junction - Animation

Great Interactive Site for Muscle Identification

Additional Muscle & Other Systems

Interactive Site for Muscles - Origin/Insertion/Action

Myofibril Song


Nervous System

Neuromuscular Junction Animation

Overview of Nerves/Neuron/Synapse- Animation

Neurons - several tutorials/animations of neurons/neurophysiology/neurotransmitters

Good Animation/Tutorial on RMP, Action Potential, Synapse, and Reflexes

Pinky and the Brain present “neuroanatomy”

Neuroscience for Kids- neat website for entire nervous system

Brain Songs

Virtual Human - Brain

The Synapse and Neurotransmitters

Science of Addiction

Mouse Party

Anatomy Jeopardy Style Game (use any login)



Special Senses

Cool Optical Illusion with Explanation

Simulations of Vision Loss



Endocrine System –Help with making hormone cards

Endocrine Histology